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Chinese hardware products export growth is also ve
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According to the "China Hardware Products Industry Survey Report: Hardware product enterprises in China in recent years, in the scale and quality of enterprises have made great strides, there a number of leading enterprises occupy a certain market share and brand influence. The mostly weaker Hardware Products SMEs may decline or even demise.

The evident growth rate of exports of metal products

The evident growth rate of exports of metal products

Exports of metal products overall growth in recent years, mainly hardware appliances full bloom, not only of power tools , hand tools, building hardware products of these traditional categories of export products increased very high, and the export share of small kitchen electrical products and sanitary export growth is also very obvious.

The study reported that: With the rapid rise of the accelerated process of China‘s integration into the global economic environment as well as economic strength, China has become the world‘s most dynamic economic region. China‘s economy relatively sound more mature, industrial development and low labor costs, has become the global manufacturing center of the comparative advantage, hardware manufacturing export-oriented development features.

The next few years will be the high-speed hardware industry shock of high-speed shocks the direct consequence of the expansion of the current trend of polarization in the camp kitchen hardware brands. Is expected that the next few years can really survive in the market, no hardware business is now so much. Hardware industry, this high-speed shocks will bring tremendous opportunity to shock the result will make the market more rational operation.

1, adjust and optimize the metal industrial structure, promote industrial upgrading

China‘s hardware industry is a labor-intensive industry. China‘s export products, labor-intensive products will remain dominant for a long period of time, at the same time, should also see a variety of reasons, the advantages of labor-intensive export products is slowly weakening.

China‘s hardware industry in order to have a long-term development, the need to adjust and optimize the industrial structure, it is necessary to continue to give full play to the advantages of traditional hardware industry, but also vigorously develop the knowledge and technology-intensive industries and emerging industries, to promote the upgrade of the hardware industry. The only way to shorten the gap between China‘s hardware industry and developed countries as soon as possible.

2, promote independent innovation, brand strategy, raise value-added products.

At present, China‘s hardware industry, or to expand the amount the formation of excessive competition on the same level as in the international market, to change this development, it is necessary to adhere to the innovative concept of innovation in terms of product development and technological innovation can joint actively with research institutes, universities, and jointly develop new products and projects, efforts to develop domestic and international markets, thereby overcoming the quantity-oriented growth, improve product quality, increase the value of the products, to focus on building their own brands, in order to enhance our hardware companies in the ‘s position in the global division of labor, and improve the ability to resist risks with their own "bargaining" ability, thus enhancing the sustainable development of the hardware industry competitiveness.

3, training and the introduction of hardware professionals to enhance intellectual capital factors

The current lack of professionals has become a bottleneck restricting the further development of China‘s hardware industry, which is bound to affect the international competitiveness of China‘s hardware industry. To solve this problem, China Mould Network analyst pointed out that you can walk the road the combination of internal development and external introduction: the one hand, short-term training to strengthen existing employees of the enterprise, in order to improve the human resource situation; other hand, the introduction of high-quality industry talent through a variety of ways to enhance the intellectual capital of China‘s hardware industry factors.

4, vigorously develop the hardware industry cluster to build hardware industry chain

China‘s hardware industry and more SME-based, short time is difficult to compete with the large companies in Europe and the United States, which should give full play to the groups competitive advantage of industrial clusters, cluster-specific specialization and mutual collaboration capabilities, strengthen the whole The industry itself competitiveness in the globalized market place.

5, give full play to guide support the role of the government, and to create a favorable environment for the development of the hardware industry.

Governments need to intensify efforts to support SMEs, the introduction of some effective policies to promote enterprise development of Chinese brands, to help enterprises carry out new product development and technological innovation. Innovative compensation mechanisms, such as the establishment of investment through the implementation of the tax breaks to compensate companies for research and development costs; product innovation enterprises simplify examination and approval procedures, to provide technical advice and other services. For enterprises to create a good environment for development, and to improve the international competitiveness of enterprises.

According to the research report, China‘s hardware products brand influence, R & D strength, perfect sales network, the ability of supply chain management enterprise hardware products at a faster pace, China‘s hardware products brand concentration will significantly improve.

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