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China will become the worlds most promising tool
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Face of tough market conditions, improve services to increase the value-added products is imperative. Modestly long steeped in the tool industry will unhesitatingly say - "small achievement big business. Indeed, throughout the metalworking process, only about 3% of the cost of the tool itself. But it is such a small product, but it has a huge market share.

China is the world‘s most promising tool market, many multinational tool in their own development strategies, to expand as the preferred tool sales in China, the enterprises of the Asia-Pacific headquarters, research and development centers, training centers, logistics centers have settled in China, thus China-centric Asia, more direct and convenient service to customers, to better meet the needs of the Asia-Pacific region customers demand.

Inventory down around the tool market in China a huge piece of cake ", are active in the market abroad tool traditionally divided into Santak Department, IMC Department, U.S. Department of the European Department, Department of Japan five major lines in the Chinese market and domestic the tool with the war without firing a shot.

Factional struggles

Five major factions in the Group, Sandvik Coromant, Walter, high mountains, WAN Knight, Safety, more than horses.

June 6, 2012, Sandvik Coromant Greater China Beijing Efficiency Center grand opening.Efficiency Center Sandvik Coromant original concept in the field of metal processing, the efficiency of the center of the global total of 27 distributed in more than 20 countries.

Although the the Santak Department is a market leader in global tool, Kennametal, Mitsubishi, IMC is "number two powerful competitor." April 2, 2012, IMC CEO JacobHarpaz TaeguTec the opening of the second plant activities speech said: "IMC Group metal cutting tool manufacturer in the world ranking is not the first in many areas The second one is. "the heart of the global industry‘s top spot in the coveted loneliness.

The United States Department of Kennametal for representatives. Kennametal get paid about $ 2.4 billion in 2011, of which more than 50% of revenue from outside North America. Of course, the United States Department of the tool there STELLRAM, MILLSTAR, Matford MAFord, SGS, GARR, STAR tool brand.

Japan Department including Mitsubishi, Kyocera, Sumitomo, Tungaloy, OSG, Dijet Fujio, Hitachi. And the machine tool, the great advantage of cost-effective tool in Japanese.

European Department, mainly to Germany-based, including MAPAL, Guehring, EMUGE, Fraisa, VARGUS, HORN, Hoffman and other.

Although foreign brand tool Small and medium enterprises in the Chinese market, but in recent years, the Chinese market, but also the achievements of other outstanding enterprises like Zhuzhou Diamond, Xiamen Golden Egret, Zheng drilling, plus the original four-tool factory, about 10 backbone enterprises, have completed the transformation from the traditional tools of the modern tool industry, and year after year development well, they have entered a period of rapid growth.

However, China‘s annual import tool about 1/3 of the total market, and they are all modern and efficient tool. Domestic knives, regarded as a modern and efficient tool, and only 10% to 15%. This shows that China has become the world‘s most promising tool market, while the high-end market by multinational companies occupy the domestic tool development a long way to go.

Also need to mention that, in the Asian market, China Taiwan tool (positive Heyuan, Tiger, DHF, Arvee, etc.) to the tool market in China and South Korea tool also has a certain status, especially China Taiwan tool, with its lower price and good practicality won the hearts of Chinese customers.

Selling tool is to sell services

With the machine, customers purchase the tool, not just a tool itself, more perfect cutting requirements.

Therefore, the for tool manufacturing enterprises, the sales tool not only describes the performance of a simple tool, customers also need to study to be machined workpiece material, combined with its cost, given a system solution.

"The current situation is, customers want a certain percentage of the annual costs have dropped, but for service requirements always improve." The Santak Department under a brand tool sales staff told reporters that the situation is bad this year, the decline in the performance of the company 20 %, while minus one growing customer the psychological expectations also increase the company‘s operating costs.

Tool belonging to the consumer industrial products, the price is the weapon of the competitive market, pricing can not be higher than similar products too much. Therefore, in addition to the large-scale sales to booth level costs do specifically, but also an important way to obtain the corresponding profit.

In fact, with the generation of new manufacturing industries as well as customers increasingly efficient production requirements, today‘s international tool manufacturing companies are subdivided their own technical team. Not only Coromant other international tool manufacturing companies such as Iscar, Kennametal, higher mountain, from research and development to technical services team, already has mold industry group, the automotive industry group, the aviation industry group, MTB group, as well as new increased energy industry group, the health care industry group.

Due to the nature of the tool industry, tool manufacturing companies often want the full range of their own products, this is also convenient to provide customers with a full range of solutions. However, because of the characteristics of the processed products, they often need to go fine, specifically the direction of straining.

For example, high mountains, in order to further improve the tool product line, successfully acquired the French shank and boring tool manufacturing company EPB and the Dutch production of solid carbide cutter Jabro company.

The high mountains and the Singapore Air Show in 2012 to show a variety of knives solutions designed specifically for aerospace applications. The company will focus for machiningtitanium alloy , aluminum alloy , heat-resistant high-temperature alloys and composite materials of new products, the application of the meet today most of the aerospace, defense and manufacturing industries.

Therefore, the "big" and "designed" for each tool manufacturing businesses are a balance of art. Sector say that, say now Sandvik, often from a sales perspective, their biggest advantage is full.

But it also planted a hidden, such as their products can easily be replaced. It is also because this will be the survival of other enterprises, will have two or three million a year in sales of other small businesses.

Seco Tools (Shanghai) general manager, said Jiang Wende, now no longer simply using the product quality and processing performance to define the tool the pros and cons of the brand. The user needs to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and create profitable. Tool suppliers in order to help users realize that not only provide a good product, but also to provide a better service.

Now enterprise competitive pressures in device processing, customers the tool increasingly dependent. Car engine, for example, the configuration of the production line equipment in the past to develop a diesel engine factory, and later transferred to the hands of the machine tool suppliers slowly, but now the trend is the tool vendors slow to take up this important task.

Increasing market share to the competition in the market, we must do better than others, it would need to have a reliable basis - reliable foundation and reliable service infrastructure. "

The high mountains and do actively listening and focus on customer needs, not only excellent tool offers a complete line of products, even based customer trusted partners aim to provide more value-added services. If the product is likened to the hardware and external work, likened the service to the software and internal strength, tool manufacturing companies should do both hard and soft, internally and externally.

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