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Machine tool development trend of the times in the
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Machine tool development along with China‘s machine tool industry development trend of the industry to end, gradually moving towards high-end products.

China‘s machine tool industry from small machine tools as the main mass production of large and medium-sized machine tools, and now gradually increase the proportion of the complete line of products. The media pointed out that the process of continuous improvement, increasing processing speed machining accuracy. National machine tool industry manufacturers tens of thousands, most of which are based a roughing mainly in the production of low-end enterprise.

However, in recent years, due to the material and energy prices soaring, the country adopted a tight monetary policy and other factors, will result in slower growth of the downstream industry, reduced profits. And high value-added product growth rate continue to increase, a substantial increase in profits, the future competition in the industry will inevitably shift towards the high-end market.

So, more and more enterprises have begun to realize that China‘s machine tool industry, stick to the low end of the field at the same time, more should be expanded in the development and manufacturing of high-end products, rather than the more have to rely on imported equipment.

The machine tool industry, depending on the equipment, the use of electrical products very widely from the microcontroller, PLC , positioning module, numerical control system to the motion control system, etc. are involved, the more independent research and development of electrical equipment manufacturers. Some high-end applications, such as high-precision grinding machines, rotary magazine servo stamping feeder, automation plane lines, such as control and process has some special needs, these are not ordinary pulse generator or positioning products can simply corresponding, more and more use of motion control products.

Recently a new machine the cutter with technology on energy saving of about 20% of the power consumption while increasing the depth of cut. During the processing of large parts, such as the steel member or an engine cylinder, requires high efficiency of the milling cutter. Rough surface processing, to shorten the time as much as possible, and therefore enhance the depth of cut is beneficial to the operator. Machine power consumption even as low as possible.

CERATIZIT CERATIZIT MaxiMill27117 cutter fully meet these requirements, the maximum depth of cut up to 8.4 mm, and can adapt to steel, stainless steel, cast iron machining.CERATIZIT CERATIZIT R & D center to develop this tool at the cutting edge shaped up and down a lot of effort. This tool uses a double positive angle design to ensure that the process is very smooth. For the operator is concerned, this means that MaxiMill27117 past milling products of the same depth of cut, power consumption reduced by 20%. In addition, each blade angle of up to eight, the economy is very good, you can benefit your customers.

The latest statistics show that in 2012, the Japanese machine tool orders amounted to 1.2 trillion yen, a year-on-year decline significantly. According to the analysis, the main reason is, on the one hand, the substantial reduction in orders for the Chinese, on the other hand, due to the European debt crisis led to investment in equipment production cuts and the appreciation of the yen led to a decline in international competitiveness is also an important reason. Not only in Europe, China and other orders outflow situation.

Japanese domestic orders and overseas orders are down 20% or more, more and more obvious trend of reduced orders, the foundry industry and the machine tool industry is closely related to the two industries interdependent, a prosperity, a loss for all loss. Orders and quantity of the machine tool industry is declining, this also means that the production scale of the machine tool industry is constantly reduced, the corresponding demand for foundry products will be reduced accordingly. The machine tool industry as a market patrons of the foundry industry, industry performance continues to decline, but also indicates that the prospects for the development of the foundry industry will be impeded.

In this case, however, in 2013, will get a more constant, said that, despite the phenomenon began to appear in the second half of 2012 reduced orders, but with the recovery of the market demand in China and increased demand in the new field of the same, according to the data of the Japanese machine tool industry will , amount of machine tool orders in 2013 will at least maintain the level of 2012, the Japan Machine Tool Industry Association, Yokoyama said Motohiko 2013 machine tool orders will amount to at least maintain the 2012 level of 1.2 trillion yen, a breakthrough for the energy development should focus on Aircraft equipment and other new areas of the market, the highest amount of orders expected in 2013 saw 1.3 trillion yen.

Affected, casting industry will also terminate the performance decline, its performance will be biased in the performance of the relevant market environment stable, but if you want to resume a higher speed of growth, you also need to bide their time.

Although after the Japanese large-scale manufacturing generally pessimistic about the business climate, but the data show that, at least in the machine tool industry, the amount of orders in 2013 in Japan by the impact of the rising demand of China‘s machine tool market, the amount of their orders at least 2012 standards.

Recently, the Japan Machine Tool Industry Association, said the whole of 2012, the Japanese machine tool orders for about 1.2 trillion yen, the average monthly orders for 100 billion yen. Although the phenomenon began to appear in the second half of 2012 reduced orders, but with the recovery of market demand and the increase in demand in the new field, the 2013 machine tool orders will amount to at least maintain the level of 2012.

With the recent yen fell as well as the New Economic Policy of Abe effect, the Japanese machine tool sales will be improved. In addition, the new Budget of the U.S. Government by temporarily alleviate the financial crisis, the ordering of the automotive and aircraft industries will also be improved. At present, the world‘s largest importer of machine tools - as market sentiment rebounded order situation is worth the wait.

Japan Machine Tool Builders Association, Yokoyama said Motohiko, 2013 Japanese machine tool orders amount to at least maintain the 2012 level of 1.2 trillion yen to breakthroughs in key areas the oriented energy development, aviation equipment, and new areas of the market, the 2013 amount of orders expected can see up to 1.3 trillion yen, more than 100 billion yen in 2012 high.

Of course, this is only the expectations in the 2012 Sino-Japanese relations has become increasingly complicated, for 2013 related trade between the two sides has brought a lot of uncertainties.

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