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The future development of furniture hardware acces
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Many domestic furniture materials and accessories exhibition upcoming future, multiple Furniture Industry Association Expo organizers are sure to have the new initiatives, in particular electrical business huge impact. The raw materials of furniture hardware accessories Fairs have begun to integrate into the electricity supplier.

Whether it is the government‘s policy-oriented consumer market orientation, are extremely close to the product category Furniture - people living environment, quality, environmental, health and other aspects of increasingly stringent requirements.

The future development of furniture hardware accessories and raw materials

The future development of the furniture hardware accessories

In the face of the upper reaches of the furniture manufacturing industry, raw material supply industry gradually walked from behind the front desk, conform to the overall development of the industry, positive and timely launch of a growing number of new materials, new processes, new applications, and involves to a variety of raw and auxiliary materials, wood , sheet metal, rubber, adhesives, coatings, leather, cloth fabric used in the field of furniture.

Lack of standards caused by market chaotic situation

The furniture materials lack of standards, causing manufacturers to only choose the cheap can be used in the furniture manufacturing industry is used in the production process to a large number of raw and auxiliary materials, the national chemical raw materials for coatings, adhesives and other more standardized and rigorous testing standards , because such chemical materials not only used in the furniture category, decoration, shoes, bags, and other the broader areas also need chemical raw materials, which is a direct result of the attention of the relevant government departments for class raw materials to be higher than other categories .

By comparison, wood, sheet metal, leather, fabric and other categories, are facing the problem of lack of criteria varying degrees. The countries strict standards, consumers can not clearly determine the merits of the material, and the market is flooded with a large number of "all solid wood, 100% pure solid wood, the first layer of calfskin, imported Qingpi" gimmicks and slogans. These so-called concept and level of authority but lack the evidence to support the real right to know of the violation of the consumer in a way lead to some terminal vendors. This is also the last year one of the root causes of the "Leonardo da Vinci" event occurred in the past a lot of "quality gate" incident.

The reality is that domestic suppliers of raw materials has been fully equipped with a high standard of production, raw materials, the ability of the high environmental.

Unfortunately, most of these high-end raw materials still used in some furniture products for the overseas market, it is also because some foreign markets, especially in Europe, Japan, the United States and other regions of furniture products developed a series of strict access standards result. Shows that an important role in the industry product standards for the level of development of the industry as a whole.

High-end materials and new materials because of its advanced technology and complex, the raw material requirements of the reasons leading to these high-end raw and auxiliary materials cost is often higher than the general material on the market, and its reaction product end, does not exist in the other general material is irreplaceable. Therefore, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises are often more inclined to select cheaper price original auxiliary, especially since the second half of last year, by the impact of the real estate market, furniture enterprise the original auxiliary procurement amount further decline, a lot of raw and auxiliary materials outlets out of the volume is reduced to 30%, which is a lot of raw material suppliers face obstacles and difficulties lie in the promotion of high-tech materials.

Consumer "Worship" Myth: the recognition of the domestic high-tech materials.

Like many domestic products, consumers are often imported products, or use imported raw materials to manufactured products showed more favored, which also caused foreign products in the furniture market price is much higher than domestic manufacturing The products of the status quo.

For this consumer psychology of consumers, many manufacturers are also on the selection of raw materials to fully highlight its noble descent from abroad, furniture stores, imported leather, imported paint, imported solid wood "tagline abound Purchasing Guide is also introducing the products are all of the imported raw materials used in the product praised a plus.

In fact, many foreign brands of raw materials, most still manufacturing in China, like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, many of which are domestic manufacturing, from the hands of the people, but the market is worth double.

And in terms of timber, the fundamental difference lies in the different climate and geographical environment created different wood, imported wood does not mean that we will certainly be better than China‘s timber.

It can be said, blindly worshiping the imported product, has become a misunderstanding of the end consumer.

Currently, some excellent paint, chemical companies have technically have a level par with foreign enterprises, even as exports and market share has exceeded the number of foreign brands, the only gap is the gap between the brand value, and This gap is takes time and history were laid.

But domestic product with a higher price, which is no doubt, but also domestic raw material suppliers is very much one of the competitive advantages.

Raw materials and furniture industries need to integrate and upgrade

In recent years, the raw material suppliers, manufacturers or dealers, gradually began to try from the backstage, through a variety of ways to play a certain role in the furniture industry as a whole.

Launched in 2010, the industry‘s well-known love grid plate and formation the EGGER sheet including 7 large well-known flooring, furniture, cabinets brand Union to Germany EGGER plate for standard aims to disseminate high-end sheet in furniture products in the application advantages.

Furniture Fair in 2012, high-end materials held multiple large forum theme of "electric, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, optimize the industrial", has caused widespread concern in the industry.

Meanwhile, in some large domestic furniture exhibition site, found more and more raw and auxiliary materials exhibitors, have made great strides in terms of exhibition scale, investment-grade, some special booth exhibitor and furniture booth in the same breath.

It also caused a high degree of concern in the trade fair organizer, a lot of the show will be for the raw and auxiliary materials set up a separate display area, held a series of raw and auxiliary materials suppliers led Forum meetings.

Professionals, said, "With the national momentum guide the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries, a growing number of raw and auxiliary materials are starting to improve the degree of emphasis on brand communication, all exhibitors and promotion with unprecedented enthusiasm to promote their own electricity supplier new materials, new technology, at the same time for their own corporate brand image has also been improved. can say, raw and auxiliary materials industry is no longer the extensive survival patterns of the past, but on behalf of the furniture industry, fine, sharp ‘origin land ‘. "

Of course, some of the large raw material dealers, through long-term cooperation with foreign raw materials manufacturer of high-end brands, more and feel the power of the brand experience to the brand value for the product, the benefits for enterprise development.This is another to procure raw materials suppliers to increase brand-building, one of the reasons of communication efforts.

In short, the future of the furniture industry and the upstream raw and auxiliary materials including hardware accessories necessary for industrial upgrading, integration of resources and then take advantage of the new e-commerce model to the comprehensive development of the furniture industry to go abroad, with a strong voice to.

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